Yusuf Goal

lighting & audio

Yusuf Goal has been working with this same crew for over ten years. Yusuf wore too many hats to properly balance or credit throughout the realization of this project. A performer, technician, and financier, Goal brought enthusiasm, professionalism and pragmatism to the marathon of production. 

Yusuf serves as a mortician. 




Nathan Hott


A collaborator for 20 years, “the prodigal son” Nathan Hott returns to the disheartening grind of movie making with enormous impact. After shaving a controversial 72 minutes of footage Nathan agreed to enter the project as an executive producer. Hott single-handedly combated the post-production conundrums associated with painting a B&W feature. 

Nathan is an engineer.


C. Satterfield


C. Satterfield is the co-writer/producer of the things that his brother directs, in which he also appears. With Herculean patience, he man-handled the film to the finish line. Having no tolerance for the relaxation that his director requested, the film was completed in a brief 2.5 years thanks to Chappel. 

CS runt.PNG

Creighton Satterfield


Creighton Satterfield is a writer/director creatively partnered with his brother. He is indebted to his magnanimous crew. Creighton previously directed the 2014 short, “Runt.”
In an effort to embrace a more realistic production schedule, he aspires to have completed another film sometime between 8 months, and the conclusion of the next decade.
Works in film distribution and is partial to movies with plenty of jokes.


Maurice Scott


Based out of Washington DC, Maurice Scott has been acting with the Satterfields since 2002. He drives a bus and loves to drink. Scott has led a variety of projects from the Satterfield’s over the last two decades. Humane, vulgar, comic, and commanding, Maurice is a disarmingly versatile performer. 

Moe Face 2.PNG
Wolf - Runt.PNG

Dick Neufeld

lighting & audio

Dick Neufeld was a neighbor unwillingly turned producer. Neufeld participated in the unwatchable early work only to emerge with the tasteful precision required to shape later attempts at “entertainment.”  He previously lorded over the Satterfields as a supervisor at an Alamo Drafthouse restaurant/theater.
He acts as a mixologist at a place that specializes in fish.


Michael Neufeld

equipment manager

Mike Neufeld can’t stop. When the prince wasn’t mashing a light meter he was hauling pounds of beer in a back pack ever ready to hydrate a thirsty star. Mike found time in the midst of an expedited production schedule to dispense sage advice on esoteric ethnic eateries in addition to the vast number of actual production roles he managed. Mike also lends his body to the on-screen efforts.

Bereft of animus and encumbered by wisdom Mike was invaluable in the assault on bedlam that is an attempt to shape something watchable.